Once again, Feeding Hands wowed our guests with the provision of groceries through weekly focus on our values of Empathy, Connection, and Stewardship. Our guests continue to show tremendous gratitude and tell us we feel like family as we “see and listen” to them. Our connection to them may be one of the few positive, caring interactions they have during the month and they let us know in many ways with smiles, hugs, cards, notes and so much more. In this environment, our volunteers also thrive. We could not do this without the many hands that serve with us, donate to us, and pray for us. We appreciate all of you who stand up to become Feeding Hands. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to accomplish all we do with excellence!



Key Statistics

  • 97% of each dollar spent goes directly toward the pantry program
  • 3123 Family Visits (+4%)
  • 9462 People Fed (+9%)
  • Food Value per Family Per month was $113 (+13%)
  • 256 Thanksgiving Dinner Baskets (+12%)
  • Christmas Gifts provided to 240 children (+19%)
  • Food distributed-190,446 lbs. (+24%)

Volunteers Statistics

  • 255 volunteers logged more than 7600 hours of service (at $20 an hour equals $152,000 value)
  • 75 volunteers logged 18 or more hours of service
  • 41 of these providing 70 or more hours
  • 30 churches and two synagogues were represented in our volunteers
  • Picnic held in June marked our 5-year Anniversary




Food Acquisition

  • Food Weight increased by 24% in 2019 to 190,000 pounds from 153,000.
  • Logistics, however, have been complicated not only by the need to get food to the new locations, but also to handle the increase in government food which is required to be received in lump sum fashion. 65% increase in government food- (+24,000 lbs.) primarily as a result of tariff situation stretched our capacity and greatly complicated our operations. Trying to move more through a hose that did not expand created many management challenges which our volunteers and staff rose to address.
  • Acquired Trader Joe’s gleaning contract with right of first selection to ensure access to fresh produce and other high-quality goods.
  • Needs looking forward:
    • Centralized storage facility close to EREC by July 30 end of lease
    • Staff addition to handle logistics of food and leader development



New Locations

  1. Manville location launched May 2019. Provided training and support. Tammy and Lisa continue to assist each month. Provided access to new food sources for their pantry providing produce and meat to the Manville guests.
  2. Developed new relationship with Emmanuel Baptist to host Christmas Toy Distribution to guests of both Manville and Somerville locations greatly reducing the stress on Somerville Food Distribution on Tuesday’s. Emmanuel Baptist also houses a freezer for excess meat providing storage for the Manville Pantry.
  3. Began the training and development process for pantry at Stelton Road Baptist Church, launching in January 2020.



  • Ambassador Agreement created and put in pace to codify volunteer behavioral expectations. This provided a process in which interpersonal conflict and issues should be resolved biblically. Rolled out over the course of 3 months with Jerry providing related biblical lessons to educate and focus on our relationships.
  • Ambassador process utilized 3 times to disengage volunteers who were negatively impacting entire organization and is being utilized by our volunteers to positively impact our relationships.
  • Represented Feeding Hands at Missions Conference at Fellowship Deaconry

Leadership Development

  • Joined E-3 Leadership Group for CEO’s of non-profits to share ideas and increase our effectiveness.


Financial Results

We continued to improve our financial position over the course of the year. Cash revenues (excluding in-kind) remained static year over year at $120,000 as we focused on operational improvements. Our costs increased -primarily salary and operational costs related to increased volume. We had $50,000 net revenues over expenses in 2018, which were built up to handle these increases in operating costs. 2019 resulted in only a $15,000 excess. We are strategically building our cash reserves ensure we are here to feed and enable us to cover economic downturn or other impact (such as pandemic) when our services would be most needed. We also recognize need to lease new facility to simplify logistical burden of food storage and distribution and increase capacity to serve needs. Cash balance as of 2/24/20 $122,000.


If you would like to see Feeding Hands 2019 Financial Statement, please click here to download a copy for your review.

Thank you for another awesome year! We look forward to serving everyone needs in 2020!!