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Thanksgiving is coming!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and the team at Feeding Hands is ready to serve our guests. On Saturday, November 19, we’re expecting m

Community Connections

From Farm to Table By connecting with other organizations in the area, Feeding Hands became a recipient of the Wagner Farm Arboretum Giving Garden pro

Empathizing Hearts

What moved your heart to volunteer at Feeding Hands? At the wine tasting fundraiser, we asked our volunteers to share the story of what touched them.

Hands Spotlight

On Thursday night, September 29, 2016, we held our very first fundraiser “Wine without the Whine” at Old York Cellars. Our theme for the night was

Taken for Granted

There are many duties we do in our homes we do not think twice about: Doing our laundry, cleaning up the kitchen table or our living space, doing dish

Pay It Forward

Right around Valentine’s Day, we, in an unusual happening, had no produce donations come in. This left our produce room barren, but God Knows wh

Community Comes Together

Recently, Feeding Hands Pantry has seen more and more groups asking to volunteer. All of our volunteers are from over a dozen churches including but n