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Open During Coronavirus

Feeding Hands will be OPEN during the Coronavirus outbreak.

We NEED your help to make this possible. Our Guests NEED YOU to continue to get access to food and supplies.

We’re taking precautionary steps to keep everyone safe. Although we are still working through the process, we have already put the following procedures in place:

-Starting this Tuesday, March 17, (and until further notice) we will be working outside in the Emmanuel Church parking lot using our drive thru system. We will use tents and the Feeding Hands truck to stage everything we need for distribution. Please dress for the weather.

-Volunteers will wear gloves. All of our work areas will be sanitized. Hand sanitizer is available.

-All food and personal items will be pre-bagged in advance. Bags will be put directly into Guests’ cars

-Guests will stay in their vehicles and will NOT be allowed in the church building

-If you’re still uncomfortable with volunteering (or are sick), please do not come. We understand.

-If you are volunteering, please sign up on the schedule so we know you will be joining us. If you have any questions you can email me

Thank you so much for your help!

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