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A Night at Feeding Hands: A Volunteer Perspective

Prayer tonight was AMAZING! The Holy Spirit worked so powerfully. People who walked in down cast, defeated, or with little expectation left with joy, a smile, and a new hope.

To watch a person be transformed like that was overwhelming, and I had to hold back the tears several times. Some of the women cried while I prayed for physical healing, finances, wisdom, strength, and more. One man said as he left the room, “Thank you…I feel like crying”. They were just so overwhelmed with God’s love.

As I watched God move so powerfully in each of their lives, I felt more blessed than those I had prayed for. God would reveal to me visions of them as a child or Jesus hugging them and His great love for them. It reminded me how God sees the details in each person’s life and how He cares about everyone and their circumstances. I felt like my faith was built up. I was so encouraged to see God move.

I am so ready to come back next month to hear their testimonies of what Jesus did in their life through answered prayer.

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