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Being There in the Joy, Relief, Sharing and Grief

We served 221 families providing food to almost 600 individuals in September-up another 10% over August. But the numbers do not tell the story.

We have been so blessed to be here to help so many guests meet their physical need for food and their need to be treated with the dignity that was instilled in them by their creator. We have been there to share in their joy, their relief, their sharing, and their grief. The joy of the woman who had just been told by her boss that she was getting a raise. She couldn’t wait to tell us since she had prayed for that raise with us the last time she had visited. The relief of the woman who said God had saved her home from destruction when we followed his prompting to deliver our refrigerator to her home. The sharing heart of the man who called to ask if his neighbor could come for food. He had given his neighbor the food he picked up from us over the past two months because “he needed it more than I did.” The grief of the man who lost his wife suddenly to cancer leaving him to care for his four boys and the loss of the love of his life. It is in “being there” for our guests that we show them the love of Christ.

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