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Community Comes Together

Recently, Feeding Hands Pantry has seen more and more groups asking to volunteer. All of our volunteers are from over a dozen churches including but not limited to Emmanuel Reformed Episcopalian Church, Liquid Church’s new Somerville location, Jacob’s Well’s Somerville MC Group, along with local residents seeking ways to help out and many more. Organizations from the town of Somerville and Somerset County volunteer and donate both time and resources regularly. Donations come in from private families, local Shop Rites, Target and Panera Bread, Food Drives by local organizations like Finderne Rescue Squad, Girl Scout Troops and more. Feeding Hands Pantry could not exist or thrive without everyone’s contribution.

The guests who come each week to receive food and our love are grateful for the outpouring of time, resources, love and donations for their families. On the front lines, we feel privileged to hear our guests thankfulness and appreciation for everyone’s hard work and unity.

As the community partners together to be the church, a living breathing church, a revitalization is happening. We are in the midst of the Lord’s work at hand and it is amazing to be a part of. It brings tears to my eyes, thinking of how everyone from all over our area band together each week to serve these wonderful people in need. WE are the church, all of us.

I am in awe of how responsive each and every person and organization has been to meet the needs of our guests. Be it hats/gloves, food, refrigerator/freezer space, personal time/talent, etc. everyone has stepped up with their contribution to bring it all together. A thousand Thank Yous would never be able to show enough gratitude for all you have done and continue to do.

May the Lord Keep You and Watch Over You and Your Families.

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