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Pay It Forward

Right around Valentine’s Day, we, in an unusual happening, had no produce donations come in. This left our produce room barren, but God Knows what we need. An angel donated bouquets of flowers. Confused by God’s line of events, we pressed on and offered these flowers to the women coming through.

To our surprise, these women were so filled with gratitude, they never mentioned the fact we had no produce. Not only were they grateful, many expressed how they would share the joy with those in a hospital, sick, feeling down or lay them at the alter of their church. Our guests have so little and yet they are so wiling to give what they had to help brighten someone’s day. They were so happy to be able to have something to give.

There is a lot of personal reflection to be done here. I myself stop and think: Am I giving joyfully? Out of obligation? Am I giving what I should by God’s standards? Or just giving what I want? Am I listening and trusting God when he says to give instead of worrying where it will come from.

I encourage you to ask yourselves the same questions. God is teaching so much when I get to see these simple acts play out. I am thankful to be volunteering at Feeding Hands Pantry and to be challenged by God.

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