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Thanksgiving Tradition Feeding Hands Style

“By the goodness of God, we are so far from want”. These words were penned by William Bradford after the first Thanksgiving harvest celebration in the Colonies in 1621. All spring and summer, the colonists had worked together fishing, planting, harvesting, hunting and sharing equally among themselves…even sharing with those who were not strong enough to work due to the tragedy of their first winter in the New World.

Bradford’s words ring true for most in this country. We are so far from want that we cannot understand need. But there are many in our backyard who cannot meet their basic needs, like those Pilgrims whose bodies were left weak by illness and injury after that first winter. Scarcity of the basics means the family celebration that most of us will experience is out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be so. Just as the Native Americans at the first Thanksgiving brought venison and added it to the Pilgrims small harvest so all had plenty, we have that opportunity today. At Feeding Hands, we will provide approximately 225 vulnerable households with a turkey, fresh potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, cranberries, pie and more. Many have told us that without our food distribution, there would be no family Thanksgiving celebration at their home. Others have told us they cook the food they receive, invite others they know who are alone and in need, and share what little they have with each other. This sharing is in the true spirit of that first Thanksgiving.

Feeding Hands has already secured the almost 4 tons of food we will need to serve Thanksgiving for these families through the generosity of various churches in the area. But we have so many more meals to provide the rest of the year when the national consciousness, when your consciousness, is elsewhere. Your financial support now will help us provide for these families and many more throughout the year. The need is great, but places like Feeding Hands, which provide food in an atmosphere of love and dignity are few and far between. Please help us grow our impact. We will be filled with sincere thanks for your generosity and so will our guests!

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