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Neighbor Connect

Neighbor Connect Mission: is a program designed to spark a “viral” program of neighbor connection in order to feed and care for each other. We would like to encourage people to safely connect with their immediate neighbors and “work from home” to feed and care for their neighborhoods first, and then, their greater community. In the process of collecting boxes of supplies (Supply Items List), Neighbor Connect will connect with immediate neighbors who need a hand. Locally prepared boxes of groceries will be distributed to meet local neighborhood needs.  Here's how:

  1. Collect products from your local neighborhood and distribute to your immediate neighbors in need; if there is no need, then…

  2. Bring additional products to local collection points for local distribution.  (Click for Feeding Hands Locations), or…

  3. If you are located outside Feeding Hands Central NJ service area, bring to your local community food pantry for distribution.

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  • Become a Neighborhood Captain – (Individuals, Churches, or Businesses)  (Click for FAQ)

    • Distribute flyers (Click for Sample Flyer)

    • Determine local needs

    • Collect boxes of supplies from participating neighbors

    • Distribute boxes to neighbors in need

    • Deliver excess boxes to local collection points  (Click for Locations)

  • Become a Box Preparer

    •  Prepare a box of groceries for a family and find a local drop-off. (Click for FAQ)

  • Become a Volunteer –

    • Help transport, collect boxes and distribute to a neighbor or  collection points for local distribution

  • Make a Donation  

    • Help Feeding Hands to cover our cost to feed the hungry during this pandemic and its economic aftermath. (Click to Donate)

  • Share Neighborhood connect on Social Media

    • Let us know how many families you fed and share pictures and stories by using the #feedinghands on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post.

For additional questions please contact

How to Engage

Feeding Hands Main Food Pantry 

Location: 186 Route 206, Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Mailing Address: Feeding Hands, Inc. 601 Route 206, Suite 26-217 Hillsborough, NJ 08844


Phone:  908-397-6452

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