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Community Connections

From Farm to Table By connecting with other organizations in the area, Feeding Hands became a recipient of the Wagner Farm Arboretum Giving Garden program. Starting in mid-summer and continuing through the fall, they harvest produce at the Rutgers Experimental Station in Pittstown. Each week one of our volunteers picks up the produce and delivers it not only to Feeding Hands, but to our Somerville neighbors, Agape House and S.H.I.P.

With Day Camp Sunshine The directors at Day Camp Sunshine, located in Liberty Corner, suggested doing a food drive this summer and the campers and their families jumped right on board. They did the drive for one week and focused on collecting items that were most needed and requested by the pantry including laundry soap, cereal, dish soap, tomato sauce, pasta, toothpaste, and toothbrushes.

With our neighboring Farmer’s Market We were invited to attend the Warren Farmer’s Market sponsored by Wagner’s Farm Arboretum where we shared information about the mission of Feeding Hands. As people stopped by, and heard about what we did, who we served, and how we treat our guests with kindness, respect and dignity, our empty jar of loose change became a not-so-empty jar. The generosity from the farmer’s market patrons was beyond incredible. We collected over $350 in loose coins and bills, which became $2100 in food for our guests.

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