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Founder & Exec. Director Honored As Woman of the Year

On Friday, March 18, 2016, Lois Bennett, Founder and Executive Director of Feeding Hands Pantry was honored for her contributions to Somerset County, and was recognized as one of their women of the year for 2016. Below, watch as Lois accepts the award and shares with the attendees more about the amazing work that Feeding Hands Pantry does, and how God has provided so incredibly in this ministry. Each of the 11 winners were recognized at a banquet in Somerset that evening, where hundreds of supporters, volunteers and dignitaries were in attendance. Along with being able to share more about the ministry, Lois was honored with an award statue, plaque, and other gifts.

Lois Bennett of Hillsborough is the founder and executive director of Feeding Hands, an organization that provides approximately 120,000 pounds of food to those in need each year. She has worked to develop a network of support among individuals, churches and businesses for Feeding Hands, and to address the issue of poverty in an environment of dignity, empathy and connection.

A former CPA, Bennett left corporate life to take care of her children, two of whom had serious health conditions. During that time, she recognized the importance of bringing awareness and help to those in need. She is currently on the board of the Zarephath Health Center, an innovative free clinic providing healthcare to the under-insured and uninsured. Bennett lives in Hillsborough and is a member.

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