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On Thursday night, September 29, 2016, we held our very first fundraiser “Wine without the Whine” at Old York Cellars. Our theme for the night was “$1 to $6”. We shared how we can turn every dollar donated into six dollars’ worth of food for our clients. When all was done, we did the same at our fundraiser spending $1000 to produce the event and generating $6000 in net profit for the pantry. Coincidence? We think not!

Everyone had a wonderful time connecting with friends old and new and learning about the struggles of our guests. Our volunteers shared “stories from the heart” as well as eye-opening biographies of our guests.

The event was planned by an amazing team of volunteers who showcased the skills of very own Chef Peter. Peter is a veteran and guest of the pantry who was grateful to have a chance to give back. The food, purchased by volunteers, was made from food which is available to our guests at the pantry.

We received incredible support from the Somerville and Hillsborough Communities for our silent auction. Our thanks to the businesses that helped make our event a huge success: Exhale Massage, Gallery on Main, Gary’s Wines & Liquors, Savor Restaurant, Old York Cellars, Somerville Smoke Shop, Ban’s Nails, Petrock’s Liquors, Urban Chaos, Tatyana’s Fitness, Discover Wine, Redelico’s Paint & Decorating Center, and Mailbox Business Center.

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